Provide all services required by the owners of goods at the border customs and ports

Providing services for the unloading of goods by lorry from all Iranian customs to Anbar, owner of goods

Consultative services in transportation operations to customers in order to determine the route and appropriate means according to the type of goods in order to reduce the cost and time.

Provide accurate shipping information including the declaration of loading, crossing the border and entering the destination if required by the owner of the goods.

About the company

International Shipping and Freight Forwarding Company Raeiyan Tabarab Atlas is one of the dynamic and leading companies in the international transportation of goods and services in Iran in all ports and airports of the country with active branches. The Charger is a pioneer company in providing modern transportation services in Iran based on world-wide standards, which utilizes a series of experts and experienced experts in the transportation industry to relentlessly enhance its ambitious goals, most notably Customer Satisfaction is working. The main approach of this suite is to provide high quality services based on the latest standards of the transportation industry in the world, using the latest achievements of this industry in the most economical and reliable way possible. The company recognizes the importance of information in the era of communications and information explosions, and aims to collect, review and update its information using new technologies.

  • Carriage of land from all European ports and other parts by truck is in the form of crumpled or sunken trucks
  • Transportation of non-standard goods of all origins by special trucks
  • Internal and external transit
  • Multilayer shipping (using multiple shipping methods for shipping)
  • International cargo shipping advice and all related services, clearance, insurance and packing of goods

Branches and Agencies

Marivan office

Sanandaj - Marivan

Tel : +988734547473

Central office of tehran

Tehran - Fatemi Square - Parnian Passage - Second Floor - Plaque 47

Tel : +982188989502

Bandar Abbas Office

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Tel : +9832323232

Company managers

Board members

Safar Ali Sadollah

Financial Manager

Jalal Mohammad Pour

Managing Director

Hadi Nobahari

Vice Chairman of the Managing Director

Description of the tasks of the Rahian Tarabar Atlas

Knowledge of transportation

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Transportation history

There has also been a way since the advent of human beings and attention to a route to transit and to meet daily needs, but the greatest attention has been given to the way since the formation of human social life. Since it is not possible to provide all the requirements for the welfare and human life in a region or it is not economical to produce all the necessities in each region.

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Communication paths

Mobile Phone Management: 09188742497
Tehran Central Office Telephone: 02188989502


Tehran - Fatemi Square
Passage Parnian Second Floor Unit 47

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