There has also been a way from the time of the emergence of man and attention to a route to cross and meet daily needs, but the greatest attention has been given to the way since the formation of human social life. Since human beings are not able to provide all the necessities of welfare and human life in one area or it is not economical to produce all the necessities in every region, man has traveled from one region to another for comfort and living conditions. But what today is referred to as a road or road is a safe and smooth route that connects two geographic regions and naturally requires a group that is responsible for ensuring the safety and smoothness of the road. And the services the operators require. The first is the definition of the period of the kingdom of Cyrus. This route began today in the province of Khuzestan, extending to the western borders of Turkey today, and the Mediterranean coast of the region was approximately 2,699 kilometers. During this course, approximately 2700 kilometers were built around 111 inn. That is, for a maximum of 25 kilometers a residence was considered, the reason for this route was to send the king's messages to all parts of the territory of the government in the shortest possible time.